About Paradise

Once upon a sunny day, just south of a small town called Marion , a fun loving family found a delightful mini golf course, nestled in the countryside amongst tall grasses, ponds, stream and tall trees. This is a treasure, known as Paradise Park, a haven for anyone who loves a good game of mini-golf, or for anyone who wanted to satisfy their sweet tooth with a delicious scoop of hand dipped ice cream. The sunset view from the front porch makes for a pleasant evening drive.

The course has been designed with a lot of care, with each hole having its own unique challenge. There are winding slopes, tricky twists, and hidden tunnels that made it more fun to play. But that is not all , Paradise Park has something extra special for its visitors. It also has a gem mining sluice for all to find their own gem treasures.

In the rustic clubhouse, is an area where guests can purchase a bag containing hidden gems, fossils, shells and stones that they will find by mining the sand in a 30ft sluice. It is a fun and educational activity that visitors of all ages can enjoy. The gems are for you to keep and treasure.

The family time continues with indoor games of connect 4, checkers and giant Jenga and outside the cornhole just works up an appetite for Toft’s ice cream and ice cream novelties.

Toft’s is so delicious that people come from far and wide just to enjoy it. There are a wide variety of flavors to choose from and a weekly featured flavor.

So much family fun was shared that friends were invited to come back to Paradise Park to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. The private room and patio Party Package made for such a simple and memorable day. As they were leaving, the little girl turned to her parents and said, “This was the best birthday ever!”

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